U.P. Sheds Offer Many Hand-Made, High-Quality Optional Features fo Backyard, Storage, and Patio Sheds

  • Vinyl siding
  • Paint to match home
  • Roofing to match home
  • 4' X 4' ramp $125
  • 5' X 6' ramp $175
  • 4' roll-up door $300
  • 6' roll-up door $335
  • Fully treated floor $2.25 per square foot
  • 24" X 27" single pane aluminum window $65
  • 24" X 36" single pane aluminum window $75
  • 24" X 24" double pane window $115
  • 14" X 36" double pane window $135
  • 4" gable overhang $8 per square foot of building width
  • Painting $1.75 per square foot
  • Special order paint or roofing materials at cost
  • Many standard features available
  • Click here to download a brochure and price list
  • Custom order now by phone: 906-201-0705


Hand-Made Sheds Built Tough for Harsh U. P. Conditions and Heavy Snow Loads.

Gable Style Garden Shed with Window by U. P. Sheds, LLC Storage Shed with roll up door and Garden Shed with Ramp Garden Sheds matched to home paint and roofing material
Gable Style Storage Shed with Optional Window Gable Style Garden Shed with Optional Ramp and Roll-Up Door Garden Shed Constructed to Match Paint
and Shingles of Existing Home
Quality Hardware on every garden and storage shed by U.P. Sheds Chassell Michigan Hand Made Garden and Storage Sheds High Quality plywood walls, floors, roof Storage and Garden Sheds Have a Strong Roof for heavy snow loads
Quality hardware for years of service under the toughest conditions and uses. 7’ walls.
2 x 4 studs 16” on center.
24” roof trusses.
Plywood walls and roofing.

Sturdy walls with reinforced roofing to support heavy snow loads from U. P. winters.